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Fall Guys Crown Clash Challenges: How To Unlock Free Fall Guys, Fortnite, And Rocket League Rewards

Fall Guys Crown Clash Challenges: How To Unlock Free Fall Guys, Fortnite, And Rocket League Rewards
Juliet Childers

Juliet Childers

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The addicting, cut-throat game Fall Guys recently went free-to-play and now offers tons of rewards with Crown Clash Challenges. Players can unlock all kinds of unique in-game cosmetics for other Epic Games-sponsored titles. This includes Fortnite and Rocket League.


The event only runs from June 29th, 2022 to July 11th, 2022, so learn how to unlock all Fall Guys, Fortnite, and Rocket League rewards for Crown Clash challenges here before you run out of time.

How To Earn Crown Clash Challenges Rewards In Fall Guys

It’s not often that various game titles can link up to offer rewards across the games. Think of when No Man’s Sky enabled players to pick up the Normandy from Mass Effect for their fleet. Thanks to Epic owning all of these titles, they can sponsor this event for players to pick up many rewards.

Similarly to how Battle Passes work in Fortnite, players must complete specific challenges to obtain the rewards. Thankfully, the challenges in Fall Guys are very simple: just complete more and more rounds to earn more and more rewards.

But first, you’ll need to make sure your account is set up to save your progress.

Ensure Linked Accounts

Download Fall Guys with the same account you have connected with Fortnite and Rocket League. Alternatively, you can just link your Epic Games account with all three games. For console players, you’ll need to link Epic Games to your console.

Trying to use multiple Epic Games accounts is not recommended; it will disallow you from having all of your rewards transfer properly.

image of Fall Guys Crown Clash Challenges Rewards for Fortnite

Fortnite Crown Clash Rewards

The free-to-play Battle Royale titan has had crossovers with what feels like every franchise. Marvel, DC, Naruto, and John Wick are just the tip of the iceberg. They even include fan-inspired designs and characters based on streamers and musicians.

Fortnite rewards for Crown Clash reimagine a previously introduced character with a new skin and other items. To pick them up, just do the following in any show:

  • Complete 10 Rounds: Stacked! spray
  • Complete 20 Rounds: Stacked with a Love Emoticon
  • Complete 40 Rounds: the Sweet Clementine Pickaxe
  • Complete 70 Rounds: the Waffler back bling
  • Complete 100 Rounds: the Major Mancake skin

Whether you’re a die-hard completionist or you just really love pancakes, picking up these in-game items is probably easier than actually making pancakes.

image of Fall Guys Crown Clash Challenges Rewards for Rocket League

Rocket League Crown Clash Rewards

This Hot Wheels and soccer hybrid has been a casual “turn your brain off” game option for many years now. The number of sick goals and trick shots keeps people coming back, but so does the ever-growing list of cosmetic items.

Rocket League features lots of customization options for players from team colors and names to unique wheels, patterns, and car trails. The Fall Guys Crown Clash Rewards take advantage of that with the following rewards:

  • Complete 10 Rounds: Colorful Canines player banner
  • Complete 20 Rounds: Colorful Canines topper
  • Complete 40 Rounds: Med. Rare wheels
  • Complete 70 Rounds: Cluster Buster decal
  • Complete 100 Rounds: Fallout boost

As showcased by Rocket League Garage, you can see the trail and the topper in action in the image above.

image of Fall Guys Crown Clash Challenges Rewards

Fall Guys Crown Clash Rewards

Grabbing the coveted crown in Fall Guys gets you rewards for the base game, too. They just aren’t as varied as in the other games:

  • Complete 10 Rounds: 300 Kudos
  • Complete 20 Rounds: 500 Kudos
  • Complete 40 Rounds: 800 Kudos
  • Complete 70 Rounds: 1,000 Kudos
  • Complete 100 Rounds: 1,200 Kudos

That means that players who complete all 100 rounds get a grand total of 3,800 Kudos to spend on anything they desire in Fall Guys.

image of Fall Guys characters cheering over in-game currency

Pros & Cons of Crown Clash Challenges

Unlike with other crossover events, there are no loot boxes with rewards based on chance. It’s also not extremely difficult to get any one reward vs. another. The biggest commitment to these challenges is time.

If you can invest the time to complete 100 rounds of Fall Guys, you can get the rewards! You don’t need to be the best of the best, sir (with honors), or be needlessly ruthless to other players (unless you want to be). All you have to do is play.

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