Free indie games round-up

Free indie games round-up

We’re almost halfway through 2010, so I thought I’d round up a few free indie games that have caught my eye this year. They weren’t all made this year, but are all free and I guarantee they are worth spending some time on! You can download them via the links below.

Puddle is a simple, but lovely to play physics-based puzzle game. It’s very short, especially for a 300mb download, but it looks and plays really well and I thought it was worth a go, even if a couple of Softonic users disagree!

BitWorld is a stylized pseudo 3D dungeon exploration game. Complete with story and amusing side characters, I was really impressed with the look and feel of BitWorld, which puts bouncy, blocky, pixelized characters into a murky 3D environment. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but totally charming!

Hero Core took me right back to the 80s, with its monochrome graphics and simple yet challenging gameplay. Fly your hero through the headquarters of your nemesis Cruiser Tetron to destroy him forever! It’s a firm but fair game – so expect to die a lot on your way to victory!

Attack of the Paper Zombies !!! is a bit of a weird concept. It’s a real time strategy survival game, where you have to protect your marines against hordes of zombies, and yet it’s presented as a drawing on paper! Despite the clash of styles, it’s a really playable strategy game with plenty of content to keep you involved.

Genetos didn’t come out this year, but is something I tragically overlooked before. It’s a 2D arcade shoot ’em up that takes your from the Space Invaders origins of the genre right up to what they call the ‘bullet hell’ of modern shooters. This is one of the most accomplished indie games I’ve played for a long time, and if you need an education about shoot ’em ups, everything you need to know you’ll find in this game – it’s all free!

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