Free or cheap calls from your mobile

TerraNet networkThere’s an interesting and relatively new venture known as TerraNet making the news at the moment. The Swedish company claims to have the big mobile phone operators spitting because of their bold move that they believe has the potential to revolutionise the way customers communicate. No more phone masts, no more infrastructure, no more wires. The technology instead makes use of peer-to-peer networks. Each handset has an effective range of about one kilometre, but by linking customers together the capacity grows rapidly. The TerraNet techies state this has obvious benefits for the developing world where little infrastructure exists, but let’s be honest – we’re talking free calls and texts here.

There are, of course, a number of software programs already offering mobile VoIP solutions and many of us are now used to free PC-based calls through programs such as Skype. While you keep an eye on what TerraNet is doing here are a few solutions currently available:

  • fring – Unofficially, the mobile version of Skype; plus merge all your messenger contacts
  • Skype – Officially, the mobile version of Skype. Why look anywhere else?
  • Talkonaut – Available for various mobiles, but you have to pay for one-leg of the calls
  • WiFive Phone – Wireless VoIP program for Pocket PC; not very user friendly though
  • mig33 – Java-based service for cheap international calls and messages
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