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super meat boy

Yep! You read that right: The bloodier version of Super Mario Brothers is up for grabs on the Epic Games Launcher. Super Meat Boy is the second game to be made free to the general public, the first being Subnautica which went up in December 2018. The Epic Game Launcher is also 100% free, so literally anyone can now play Team Meat‘s fantastic platformer. Grab it quickly; the offer ends on January 10!

Super Meat Boy Download

What is Super Meat Boy?

If you haven’t tried Super Meat Boy yet, it’s a fast-paced, white-knuckle platformer chock full of swinging pendulums, gargantuan saw blades eager to dice you to pieces, and of course fiery floors of burning death. The levels are all very quick and gradually increase in difficulty, turning a novice player into a veteran in minutes.

There’s also the added gimmick of meaty blood smears covering the surface of anywhere you run (or die), leaving levels splatter-painted in the gory reminders of your missteps and failures. Clever players can use this to their advantage, however; using the stains and marks to better gauge their next jump-off point or position their landing properly.

Even better news

Best of all, Epic plans to follow through with the free games consistently – giving away a new one every two weeks: Every … fortnight. Get it? The biweekly giveaway will be ongoing throughout 2019, meaning anybody with the Epic Game Launcher installed has the chance to earn 26 games for free over the course of the year!

Epic Games Store is gonna get big

From the looks of it, Epic is trying to go toe to toe with big names like Steam, buffing up their game catalog and marketing. With the outrageously successful Fortnite spurring them forward, it looks like a dethroning might be possible. For starters, Epic is taking a sales cut of 12% as opposed to Steam’s starting rate of 30%. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how Epic stacks up by the end of the year.

Fortnite leads Epic's charge

What does this mean for us?

It means if you don’t already have the Epic Games Launcher installed, you should get on that! Subnautica is a great game, and Super Meat Boy is right up there with it. Get it while it’s hot, and stay tuned to see what’s on Epic’s giveaway next!

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