Free to play Pokemon TCG Online released for iPad

Free to play Pokemon TCG Online released for iPad

Pokémon has arrived on the iPad with the release of ‘Pokémon TCG Online‘. It’s a digital version of the desktop card trading game, and the first time Pokémon has appeared on iOS.

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Pokémon TCG Online lets you build a collection of Pokémon cards, and use them to battle against computer opponents, your friends, or random players from around the world online. There’s also a Tournament Mode, which you can enter to ‘earn cool rewards’.

Because it’s a card trading game, Pokémon TCG Online undoubtedly allows you to trade your cards to improve and expand your collection.

Pokémon TCG Online is free to play, but does have in app purchases or ‘gems’, which you can spend on more cards and boosters in the game. The game requires iOS 7 or above and an internet connection to play.

You can also play Pokémon TCG Online on Windows and Mac. Download the game for iPad here.

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