Free tools to catalogue your movie collection

Film logoIf you’re a movie buff, then you’ve probably got a ton of films on DVD and DivX but no real way of keeping track of them. Organising your collection can bring many benefits such as helping you rediscover old films you’d forgotten, classify your films by theme or genre and more easily share your collection with friends and family.

My Movies 2 harnesses the power of the internet to catalogue your films by downloading data based on the title of your films. Not only that, but it allows you to preview and watch trailers to newly released films. In this way, it’s both an organiser of your current collection. However, it does work via Windows Media Centre and so if you’re not a fan of this media player, then you’ll be better to use something like EMDB. This program is much more lightweight but key to its success is that it downloads data from the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) so you’re guaranteed quality and up-to-date info on your films plus it has just about every film ever made on there. Another less accurate but even simpler solution is Griffith. This movie organiser also downloads data from the internet but it doesn’t seem to use a single source meaning that it’s rather hit or miss when it comes to getting it right and sometimes, doesn’t fetch anything at all.

Meanwhile, if you’re always lending-out your films to friends and family, then you can easily lose track of who has your movies and how long they’ve had them. If you’re very attached to your collection All My Movies may make the whole lending process a bit easier by tracking who’s got your films plus it organises your collection like a traditional organiser but also allows you to take simple screenshots from your films to add to the database. Finally Fox Movie Manager claims to do away with all those extra features that you’ll never need and while it is very lightweight, the interface leaves a lot to be desired.

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