Free utilities to keep your laptop cool



ThermometerIf there’s one thing that surely defeats the object of being a laptop it’s overheating that prevents you from being able to use it on your lap. It seems this is becoming an increasing problem for manufacturers such as Sony who recently announced the recall of almost half a million Vaio laptops due to an overheating problem. OK, this was mainly because of a manufacturing fault but the pressure to pack laptops with bigger and better processors and graphics cards is quite literally raising the temperature of laptop users everywhere. But this problem isn’t confined to the PC world. Having recently used a MacBook Pro, I can safely say it’s the hottest laptop I’ve ever used and this is a problem that’s causing considerable concern for all those who feel that for the money they’ve paid, they should at least be able to use it on their lap without suffering third degree burns. So if your laptop has burnt a hole in your lap as well as your packet, here are a few free tools to help you keep your cool:

SpeedFan – Warns you when your CPU and hard drive reach a critical temperature

– Specifically designed to keep the heat down on the MacBook range

CoolBook – Another MacBook fan app for those that are losing their cool

I8kfanGUI – An easy to use utility designed specifically for Dell laptops

– Designed specifically for controlling the fans of Thinkpad laptops

Notebook Hardware Control
– Controls all hardware components including fan speed

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