Free WIFI Passwords for Airports all over the World

Free WIFI Passwords for Airports all over the World

Travelling can be tough on the old wallet. Although ultimately worth it costs add up fast when you’re on the road. A hidden cost that almost nobody accounts for but can add up fast is the price of WIFI when you’re at the airport. Whether you need to check your emails last minute, want to check some details on your hotel or simply want to download a movie on Netflix before you board the plane there are plenty of reasons you might want to log on to a WIFI network before you fly.

Airport WIFI networks can be expensive to log onto, however, unless you have a password often charging upwards of $10 for an hour’s access. Well the good people over at foxnomad have setup a crowdsourced map of all the WIFI and lounge passwords for airports all over the world.

The map is regularly updated by people travelling through airports so you can browse the map to see if you can find a WIFI password that you’ll be able to use on your upcoming trip. If you happen to come across any passwords that aren’t on the map you can then add them yourself so that other travelers can log on in the future.

The internet is at its best when we all work together and this map proves it whilst opening up its wonders to fellow travelers.

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