FreeTwitTube: Read tweets on YouTube video pages

FreeTwitTube: Read tweets on YouTube video pages

Let’s face it. Sometimes comments on YouTube video pages just don’t cut it when you’re trying to get others’ opinions about it. Or maybe you just want to read more comments than are available. Wouldn’t it be nice to see what users are saying on Twitter about the specific video in question too?

Now you can do just that directly on YouTube’s video pages with FreeTwitTube. This handy and simple tool works as a browser enhancement and adds an area to each video page on YouTube so you can read what other users have tweeted about the video in question. Of course, not all videos will have tweets available to read about, but it can be especially useful when you want to read opinions on a movie trailer or news piece, for example, or even to see if a video recipe is worth trying out.

In addition to being able to read tweets on the video, you can also comment on it yourself  and respond to other users if you’re logged into your Twitter account, without ever leaving the YouTube video you were viewing in the first place. This app is convenient and lightweight, a great little addition for frequent YouTube browsers and power tweeters alike. It’s also simple to install.

FreeTwitTube works on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google’s Chrome browsers on Windows PCs. There is also a version available for Mac.

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