Friday timewaster: CycloManiacs

Friday timewaster: CycloManiacs

It’s Friday again and we’re celebrating it with our traditional time-waster. CycloManiacs is a fun bicycle racing game with an easy gameplay and many elements to make races more challenging and competitive.

Play CycloManiacs!

You start off by riding with a cute robot on a shabby bike, but as you progress through the game (and you have quite a handful of levels to beat) you can obtain new drivers, better bikes and hidden tracks. Each race charges you with a series of challenges – such as finishing in the top five places or gathering a minimum number of items – and if you complete them you’ll be rewarded with new unlockable stuff. Jumping is also important, because it’ll give you points to boost up your bike’s speed and overtake any other competitors.

CycloManiacs is controlled with the usual WASD or cursor keys combinations (plus the spacebar or X key to jump). The game is complemented by a nice background soundtrack.

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