Friday Timewaster: Perfect Balance 2

Friday Timewaster:  Perfect Balance 2

It’s physics based puzzle time again, with Perfect Balance 2, which is a bit like Tetris, except instead of fitting shapes together, you have to balance them. It’s extremely easy to pick up – on each level you have a selection of shapes, and a structure in the play area. Your job is to place the shapes on the structure so none of them fall. Easy!

Of course, the game gets fiendishly difficult as it progresses, but it’s never impossible, and very compelling. As well as dragging and dropping shapes, you can rotate them with the A and D keys. If you mess up, hit R to restart in an instant. Unless you’re tired of this type of puzzle game, there’s really nothing wrong with Perfect Balance 2 – just remember you still have to eat and sleep! If you register with Kongregate, you’ll be able to leave high scores on the site too. Requires Flash.

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