Friday Timewaster: The Great Flu

The Great Flu is a short strategy game where you have to try your best to limit a global flu pandemic. The Earth is split into areas, and depending on problems in each part you can direct certain policies at them. Distributing face masks, improving health care, stockpiling vaccines and more are available. As you progress, you’ll receive media stories and messages that help you make decisions. Once the pandemic hits, the growing spread of red dots over the planet is quite disturbing!

The game seems to be based on genuine medical advice, and it’s interesting to see which polices don’t work so well. I contained the Gamers Flu in 25 days, with only 161,746 deaths. OK, that doesn’t sound too good I suppose. This flash game plays in your browser, and is beautifully designed. It’s not the most cheerful concept, but it’s an unusually good mix of entertainment and education, an often cursed mix.

If you need a quick fix of mindless destruction after that, try Max Damage, a really basic physics game where you have to fire a cannon at domestic items, and do the maximum amount of damage possible. It’s not a new idea, or a clever one but it’s still fun.

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