Fruit Ninja gets a free halloween Ghostbusters update

Fruit Ninja gets a free halloween Ghostbusters update

After the huge changes of version 2.0, Fruit Ninja now has another free update for Halloween. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, you’ll now get new Ghostbusters blade and dojo in the game.

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The new Ghostbusters features work as follows. The Ghostbusters blade works like the proton beams from the movies, and at the very least looks cool. Its power-up allows you to ‘cross beams’, making a huge explosion of photon beams to destroy all fruit on screen.

The Ghostbusters Dojo includes ghost traps, that the team in the movie used to.. trap ghosts. When one appears, you can slash it open to release lots of fruit on screen, giving you an excellent combo scoring opportunity. There is also Ghostbusters fruit, which is ‘well past its use-by date’.

Fruit Ninja is available for iOS and Android.

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