Fun and games for fashion victims

Fun and games for fashion victims

Nick Mead sports-casual lookI’m not Giorgio Armani – in fact I’ve never been a dedicated follower of fashion although I have occasionally shopped at Topman and River Island. I guess PC users in general are not known for their fashion sense which is presumably why developers give the theme a wide berth although there are some useful design apps and games that can indulge the clothes horse in you.

In fact, Virtual Fashion is an immensely popular program proving what a powerful tool the PC can be for serious designers. This 2D design environment is mainly aimed at those learning their trade but amateurs can easily use it to see how they’d look in a silk tiara and high heels (which I didn’t by the way). And if you need a website to promote and sell all those wonderful designs you’ve come up with, try Trendy Flash Site Builder which is ideal for creating impressive fashion based websites. Even if your fashion taste isn’t great, this design tool will ensure that at least your website is.

However, it’s games that most developers have chosen to focus on in the fashion arena. Fashion Fable sees you play the role of a fashion designer as you move through 60 levels in an attempt to launch your very own fashion chain. Posh Shop meanwhile has nothing to do with Victoria Beckham but requires you to respond to the demands and whims of high class customers who know their Armani from their Adidas. Finally, there is the platform style Dress Shop Hop which attempts to combine the best of both games as you try to satisfy customers on the spot by using weird and wonderful machines to design clothes.

If you’re still lacking in inspiration for your fashion empire, or need some advice from a master, check out Alan Partridge’s guide about how to dress when in that most fashionable of world capitals, Paris:


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