Fun iPhone apps for fans of Angry Birds

Fun iPhone apps for fans of Angry Birds

So, you’ve schooled those dastardly green pigs in virtually every way possible, making them sorry they ever even considered stealing your eggs. What’s next to conquer after Angry Birds?

You could wait for the latest and greatest version of Angry Birds Seasons to be released. Your other option is to get in on the fun with apps that are reminiscent of your favorite game but have different objectives. One thing remains the same across these apps though – they’re all a total blast to play. As an added bonus, some of them even feature birds!

Penguin Airborne: Here’s the first of your bird-themed alternatives. Just like Angry Birds, the objective of this game is simple – get your penguin to the ground quickest by free-falling against other arctic birds. The faster you get to the ground, the quicker you advance through the penguin military ranks. Just make sure you activate your parachute at the right time, lest your bird have a rather unpleasant landing. As you free-fall, you can earn points by collecting stars that are placed throughout the screen.

Air Penguin: Similar in name to the last game, Air Penguin is a totally different experience. Much more reminiscent of games you’d find on an actual console, Air Penguin has you in the role of a cute little bird who’s trying to jump from iceberg to iceberg and ultimately reach an end flag to complete each level. You do this by tilting your iPhone’s screen back and forth and forward to get your penguin to jump from platform to platform. In addition, there are lots of threats to avoid, like sharks. You can download the free/lite version of this app here.

Rip Off: As the name suggests, Rip Off is very similar in the feel and back-story to Angry Birds. One major difference in this game is that your eggs have yet to be stolen and it’s your job to protect them. Evildoers of all shapes and sizes will come at you in an attempt to snatch away three multicolored eggs under your protection. Simply tap on one of the baddies and your bird will shoot up and destroy it. Rip Off sounds a lot simpler than it actually is though. Once you’ve got 10 bad guys coming at you from all directions, you’ll see what I mean.

Dino Rush: If you enjoyed playing the Mario Brothers games growing up, you’ll probably get a kick out of this app. Dino Rush puts you in a jungle as you play a little orange dinosaur that needs food to survive. You’re given a new objective that gets increasingly difficult on each new level. Much like Mario Brothers, you can collect tokens that give you special powers, such as the ability to attract food to you like a magnet and a temporary invincibility cloak. The tap screen is also quite responsive, meaning the longer you tap the higher your dinosaur soars.

Fruit Ninja: So, there are no birds (or even animals) in this one, but Fruit Ninja’s still plenty of fun. All you have to do is use your touch screen to swipe at flying fruit. You earn points every time you successfully cut one in half. Real ninjas earn combo points by swiping several at once. Just beware of the flying bombs as well. Hitting one of those ends your game with a bang – and not in a good way! There’s also a lite (free) version of Fruit Ninja.

There you have it. These apps should keep you plenty amused if you need a break from Angry Birds. Plus, they’re similar enough in objective to keep any avid app fan thoroughly entertained.

What are some of your favorite alternatives to Angry Birds? Let us know in the comments!

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