EU’s game-changing digital driver’s license is paving the way for a new era of driving

Podrás llevar tu carnet de conducir en el móvil y en cualquier país de la UE.

EU’s game-changing digital driver’s license is paving the way for a new era of driving
Pedro Domínguez

Pedro Domínguez

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On more than one occasion you may have forgotten your wallet when leaving home and wished you had your cards and identity documents on your cell phone. While the former is possible thanks to apps like Google Wallet, which works in many countries, the latter is a more complicated matter.

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While it is true that the app Mi carpeta ciudadana allows you to see your documentation, its use is not valid if the police ask you for an identity document when driving a vehicle. On the other hand, the official My DGT app allows you to have your driver’s license on your mobile, although as soon as you leave Spain, its validity will be completely lost. Something that the European Union is trying to solve.


The European Commission has prepared a proposal for the creation of a fully digitized EU-wide driver’s license model that will work in all EU countries. At the end of January, the European Union also presented the future European digital wallet, which will be available from 2024.

According to the European Commission in a statement issued this week, this digital system, which will be the first in the world, will facilitate the recognition of driving licenses between the different countries that are part of the European Union, and will make it possible to replace, renew or exchange a driving license via the Internet.

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Once this digital license is available (at the moment there is no estimated date), it will be possible to access the driving license from a cell phone or any other digital device, being valid throughout the EU even for citizens from outside the community. The minimum requirements for driving licenses to be digitized in the European Union will be determined at a later date.

The entry of this digital driver’s license also comes hand in hand with a series of proposals to unify traffic regulations throughout the European Union, so that any member country can sanction a citizen of another state who violates a traffic regulation in its territory. This set of proposals will have to be accepted by all member states and the European Parliament before it can become law.

Pedro Domínguez

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