Game of Thrones: Who will kill Cersei? Who will sit on the Iron Throne?

Ben Bowman


With the army of the dead defeated, the heroes of “Game of Thrones” now turn their attention to King’s Landing and one final(?) fight. Cersei has proven to be the baddest mother in the seven kingdoms – smart, cunning, ruthless, arrogant, and fearless. She’s frostier than a White Walker sitting on top of The Wall while eating gelato.


But she’s gotta die, right? Or will the Lannister lioness somehow destroy our heroes and keep a grip on the throne? You can actually place a wager on that, and our friends at Visme have whipped up this image to break down the odds:

Killing Cersei oddsArya is getting heavy odds, and she has had Cersei on her death list forever, so she could be the favorite. But narratively, it seems weird to expect the same character to eliminate the Night King and the evil queen.

Jaime has the same odds as Arya. Will he kill his twin sister? Readers of the books know about the prophecy that Cersei will die at the hands of the Valonqar. Remember the witch who told young Cersei she would have three children with golden crowns and golden shrouds?

In the books, that witch also told Cersei that the “Valonqar” would “wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.” The word “Valonqar” translates to “little brother.” So is that a literal prophecy, meaning Jaime or Tyrion? Or is it someone else’s little brother, like The Hound? Because the TV series deliberately omitted that part of the prophecy, that opens the door for another…

Interestingly, Cersei herself gets the third best odds. Will she pull a Tommen and commit suicide?

The fourth most popular theory is that Cersei somehow survives the series! We wouldn’t put it past her.

Here’s your chance to vote on the potential assassins:

Whether or not Cersei dies, it seems the whole series is leading up to one final question: Who will rule at the end of the show? The odds have already shifted since the preseason speculation. Here’s where things stand now.

Westeros ruler odds

Again, what’s your opinion? Do the odds line up with your assessment?

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