Games for fishing fans

Games for fishing fans

FishFishing is a great pastime I’m told but nothing appeals to me less than sitting for hours on a river bank, in massive wellingtons, in the rain, waiting for something that might not even come. It’s far more fun to sit behind your PC and play games instead surely?

Well, you can have the best of both worlds actually. Fish seem to be a popular theme with games developers so there’s no shortage of choice. Fish Fillets 2 is your thinking fisherman’s game challenging you to solve a series of mind bending puzzles underwater to save the fish from ending up on a plate. You’ve heard of Duck Tales right? Well how about Fish Tales – guide Sunny the fish through treacherous shark infested waters back to his home. The “eat or be eaten” philosophy also applies to Fish Passion which pits you against the PC or a friend in a feeding frenzy fight to the death.

The fishing theme gets stretched to increasingly bizarre lengths with Snowy: Fish Frenzy. Help Snowy the Bear protect his fishy treats from pesky felines intent on stealing them at every turn. Normal service is resumed though with the more conventional, Crazy Fishing which challenges you to simply catch as many fish as you can and compare your score against players worldwide.

If none of these fail to amuse you, then you can always watch people mucking up the real thing:


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