Games, games, Harry Potter – Weekly round up

Cyril Roger


This was a big week for games news on insideTonic. Did you know that Lucas Arts is planning to release Monkey Island 5 in 2008? Elena has the full story for you. We also brought you the news that GameTap, which lets you play classic PC and console games on your PC for a monthly fee, is set to open up to Intel Macs on the 28th of June. It almost certainly won’t offer Manhunt, recently banned in the UK for its violent plot, but should include some games that, as James informs us, encountered censorship in their time.

It’s been revealed that a hacker has posted on the web what he claims are key elements of the plot of the latest Harry Potter novel. Elena takes the opportunity to remind us all about some easy steps we can take to protect our PCs (whether we’re bestselling authors or not). In other news, you should check out Microsoft’s new groundbreaking photo-stitching technology, Photosynth. The program joins photos in a 3D environment and handles high resolution zoom-ins.

Nick also had a very informative post on the different customer support attitudes in small and big software companies. He felt that small companies tended to have a more human approach and hoped that expanding companies would keep this in mind.

Finally, as the summer time is always chock full of festivals, James wrote a useful list of software you can add to the beer, sun tan lotion and spare clothes you’ll be jamming in your backpack as you run along to a festival.

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