Games that could have great Battle Royale modes

Trevor Hutchins


Fortnite and Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) opened the floodgates for the Battle Royale genre, which involves exploration, scavenging, and – most importantly – a battle to be the last person standing. Since this genre rose in popularity so rapidly, we decided to ask the exciting question: what games could actually have great Battle Royale modes? Here are a few games we believe fit the bill.

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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Battle Royale

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launched as the Nintendo Switch’s flagship title. Despite being a fantastic game in its own right – the storytelling, graphics, and gameplay are wonderful – the game could be perfect for the battle Royale genre.

First, Breath of the Wild comes with exploration and scavenging built in. The game’s main character, Link, begins the game by wandering into an open world with nothing more than a few clothes and an electronic tablet. From there, the player constantly needs to grab food for health, shields for defense, and weapons to fight off numerous baddies spread across the frontier landscape. A Battle Royale in this environment would become an exciting fight for survival, where victory could easily depend on the number of apples you baked before wading into a skirmish.

Second, the battle mechanics are both intuitive and versatile: there are many ways to fight, including sword and shield, bow and arrow, or environmental exploits. Thanks to the ingenious weapon durability system, a Battle Royale mode would have players on their toes, carefully choosing the right weapon for a specific tussle or setting clever traps.

Third and finally, the landscape is beautiful and diverse. Without even mentioning geography and natural landmarks, certain areas of the game require preparation for extreme cold or heat – and if you’re in the Gerudo desert, that could mean both, depending on the time of day! With so many environments, a player’s tactics would need to adapt based on the environment, and each encounter would be radically different.

Halo Battle Royale

The ongoing storyline of Halo indisputably inspired gamers across multiple generations, but also contains a number of characteristics that would make for a great battle Royale game.

First, the game looks great. This came with some setbacks when the newest title, Halo 5, dropped the series’ traditional split screen capabilities to improve graphic quality. The point being: Halo would look provide a welcome change to the Battle Royale landscape. Whereas PUBG boasts a decently realistic look and Fortnite has its flashy skin, Halo’s slick, futuristic environments could be a welcome addition. Imagine the final One v. One, both players running through red, sandstone caverns of Sanghelios or navigating the ruins of an enormous forerunner outpost. We’re sold.

Finally, add Halo’s fast and furious battle techniques, where assassinations and devastating weapons are already part of the fun. This lends itself well to a Hunger Games mode, considering the game’s weapons have an incredible range of power, stretching from nerfed weapons like the battle rifle to God-smiters such as the Prophet’s Bane energy sword.

Minecraft Battle Royale

Do it for the YouTube streamers! Minecraft boasts a simplistic but engrossing open world that involves surviving perils, mining blocks, and building everything imaginable. There are already servers for people to connect, PvP is certainly possible, and a few dedicated Battle Royale destinations are available, but there’s been no move to create an official Battle Royale out of Minecraft.

We think that’s a shame, although there are a few understandable drawbacks.

First, the digging. Battle Royale games are already plagued with folks who hide until the end and win their match with one kill; some would say that’s a coward’s victory. In Minecraft, they could easily develop hideouts and wait until the real fight to be over. To solve that, we’d suggest a time penalty for staying underground in the same general place for too long. Simplistic, but with enough tinkering, it just might work.

Second, the speed. Minecraft is intentionally slow: the soundtrack is calming and mellow so players feel a sense of relaxation as time slips away. Since the real game encourages players to spend hours in one cave alone, something would have to be done to speed things up: one hit mining, quicker movement speed, rapid crafting. With things like this in place, Minecraft: Battle Royale becomes an exciting possibility.

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[BONUS] Corey in the House Battle Royale

What is “Corey in the House”? Was the game fun? What was it about? What devices was it available for? Personally, we’re not really sure about any of these questions. However this meme, posted to Reddit by user TotallyNotTundra, is just too good to not make “Corey in the House: Battle Royale.” Make it happen, Cap’n.

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