Games to banish those Halloween nightmares

Candy Crisis - guaranteed ghoul-freeCall me a big baby, but I don’t really enjoy being scared stupid by playing horror games or installing terrifying screensavers. In fact, this year instead of tearing up the town with the rest of the local ghouls I will be sat in my house listening to Bing Crosby records in my fluffy pink slippers. I’ve even chosen the computer games that I’m going to play on my ‘anti-Halloween’ night and I’m hoping these ghost-free downloads will help me sleep easy:

  • Hamster Blocks – What’s that creaking noise coming through the walls? Why it’s just a nice little hamster making a funny noise as he falls over. Don’t worry, he’s not hurt, he’s just taking part in a colourful block-building game. Ahh, bless him.
  • Candy Crisis – Forget crazed zombies chewing up a city or chainsaw-wielding lunatics popping off teenage girls in the woods – this is what I call a real crisis. Some candy has got loose and it’s your job to take it back to the shop.
  • Merry Frog – Install this game and you’ll instantly be transported to a happy place. There’s a cheerful frog to guide across across lily pads in a quest for yummy flies that will help you forget all about that serial killer at the front door
  • Petal Palace – When I’m troubled by something I like to go out in the garden and pick flowers. Not tonight though because there’s almost certainly a mutilated corpse out there. Instead I’m going to solve some puzzles by plucking petals in this tranquil game.
  • Dog Rescue – Wow, things have got quite serious since the candy incident. Now horrible meanies have captured some poodles and are holding them hostage. Time to wander aimlessly in the sunshine through flower-filled mountains to try and find them methinks. Happy Halloween!
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