Games to become a tycoon

Have what it takes to be a tycoon like Donald Trump?“Movin’ to Montana soon, gonna be a dental floss tycoon”, sang Frank Zappa back in the day. Living the life of a multimillionaire with all of the mansions, private yachts and billions of dollars it entails doesn’t sound that bad, but the truth is it takes a lot of hard work, elbow grease and a fair share of luck to make it to the top. Instead, you can get your hands on a good ol’ tycoon simulation game, which will give you the fun of building and managing a financial empire without taking any real risk.

Sir Alan Sugar started out by selling electronic appliances from the back of a van, so why couldn’t you make it with beverages? In Lemonade Tycoon you have to build an empire from the ground up, selling the citric drink out on the street. If public transport is more your thing, how about emulating the American entrepreneur, Cornelius Vanderbilt, who made his fortune by building a railroad empire? Sid Meier’s Railroads lets you build tracks and win over markets by distributing goods over the railroad system of America. Think you’re more like Donald Trump? Real E$tate Empire is probably the game you’re looking for then. Buy and sell property as quickly as possible to become king of the property market. Mall of America Tycoon is pretty similar, only this time you get to manage a shopping center, selling retail space and adding all sorts of boutiques, fast food chains and department stores. Finally, Wildlife Tycoon : Venture Africa lets you be the king of the jungle, protecting the eco-system by managing different species, winning jewels in the process.

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