[Gamescom 2013] Call of Duty Ghosts: a first look at multiplayer

[Gamescom 2013] Call of Duty Ghosts: a first look at multiplayer

After trying out a few campaign missions in Call of Duty: Ghosts at E3, we were finally able to try out multiplayer at Gamescom 2013, specifically the PS4 version. Gameplay hasn’t changed much, but it’s worth taking a look the new options and modes that will delight CoD fans. Start of Brightcove Player

Design your soldier

In Call of Duty: Ghosts, customization options let you personalize your soldier and create 20,000 different combinations. This means you won’t see two soldiers the same in the multiplayer mode. Even better, it now includes women, a great new feature which will please many female CoD players.

Obviously, customizing your soldier isn’t just about aesthetics, you can also choose your weapons. Among the options you’ll find marksman rifles, IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), canister bombs (you throw them and they explode after a few seconds) or various types of grenades.

Perks – it’s all about the points

Customizing your soldier is great, but one aspect that’s always important for Call of Duty fans is the perks system. Ghosts debuts a new one, this time based on points.

You start with 8 points, which can increase up to 11 if you get rid of your secondary weapons. With these points you can buy perks, the cheapest of which cost one point and the most expensive, five. With this system you can set your number of perks to your liking; strengthening the skills you’re good at, or making improvements that make you indispensable. One of these is our highly-anticipated new best friend. Yes, even your faithful dog gets into multiplayer as a perk.

This new system aims to revolutionize the franchise and establish itself as a new model that other games will surely copy. Do you like this new system of perks or do you prefer what we’ve seen in CoD Black Ops 2 and other games in the Call of Duty series?

Squads: a mode that goes beyond multiplayer

Call of Duty Ghosts lets  you create your own squad of up to 10 soldiers. They will gain combat experience and, even better, there are no limits on their use.

With the new Squads mode you can take your elite soldiers and put them into combat in any game mode: alone against the AI ​​and cooperatively or competitively against your friends or any other CoD user.

Like the new perks, the Squads mode is also meant to be a turning point in the series, as it combines the best of the classic multiplayer modes with much more advanced AI. When we say AI, we’re talking about the AI of your fellow soldiers, who act in a much more logically than before: they can shoot while they’re jumping, they offer better coverage and act accordingly to the weapons they’re equipped with.

Within the Squad submodes you’ll find Squad vs Squad, where you pit your squad against a friend’s squad;  Wargame, where your squad faces another AI squad or Safeguard, a mode inspired by Modern Warfare 3’s Survival mode.

New modes for the classic player

If your idea of multiplayer is more traditional, you’ll be pleased to know that some new modes have been debuted in Call of Duty: Ghosts and we were able to test them at the Gamescom demo.

The first mode we tried was Search and Rescue. In this mode, similar to Kill Confirmed for Black Ops 2, when you die you drop your badge: if a teammate picks it up you keep playing, but if your opponent does, you’ll be dead until the next round begins.

We also tried Blitz, an interesting twist on the classic Capture the Flag. This time the action focuses on points of the map where you generate battles for control of the territory. These battles allow you to enter enemy territory and score a point, while your opponents return to the starting point … It’ll take a few seconds, just enough to regroup, and then another battle begins. When the time runs out, whoever has the most points, wins. In reality, Blitz is just a variation on what we’ve seen hundreds of times in other games, but we appreciate Infinity Ward’s attempt to revitalize it.

The third mode we saw was Cracked, which takes the basic themes of the classic Team Deathmatch but with a twist: when you kill an enemy you have 30 seconds to eliminate another. If you fail, you explode and are blown to bits!

CoD 24/7

It seems that the future of the FPS is going social. We saw this in the new Killzone for PS4, and now we’ve seen it in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Activision’s slogan – COD, Anywhere – seems pretty spot on. The developers want you to be connected to your game at all times and to share your achievements with the community.

To this end, we have the CoD profile, which allows you to store your multiplayer game data in the cloud and access it from any console. Furthermore, with the new smartphone app you can check your stats, connect with other fans and, more importantly, use it as a second screen for your Ghosts games.

When it comes to connectivity, Activision also talked about clan wars, a game in parallel with the general multiplayer.

¿Is CoD better in multiplayer?

We warned you at E3 that for all the spectacular features and new friends that have been added, the single player mode of Call of Duty: Ghosts left us unimpressed.

So what did we make of multiplayer? Well, revolution is probably pushing it, but at the very least the new modes, the Squads function and the new Perks system have convinced us.

Are you addicted to Call of Duty multiplayer

Original article written by Maria Baeta, published on Softonic ES.

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