Generate temporary email addresses to avoid spam

Disposable emailsWe all suffer the plague of spam. Everyday, in our inboxes, we find dozens of messages selling little blue pills, announcing we’ve won fantastic prizes or offering the best deals in cutting-edge gadgets we’ve never seen before. A good way to stop spam from invading your inbox is to avoid using your real address, especially when you’re asked for it by a dodgy website that doesn’t seem trustworthy at all. For those cases, you can create an alternative email address, or simply use one of these disposable email services. They let you create personal temporary emails that work perfectly fine but only exist for a few minutes – or that you only need to use once.

  • GuerrillaMail
    This service provides you with disposable email addresses that expire in 60 minutes. You can read and reply to any email messages you receive in this temporary email inbox within that time frame.  GuerrillaMail lets you create a custom address, but can also generate a random one.
  • Dispostable
    With a clean, minimalist interface, Dispostable creates random email addresses and also lets you pick a custom name if you want. You can create as many addresses as you need (they’ll be listed on a right-side pane) and check their inboxes online. There’s no information about how long they last.
  • 10 Minute Mail
    This website generates a temporary random email address as soon as you open it on your browser. Addresses expire in 10 minutes, though you can extend this period by clicking the 10 more minutes link. The inbox can be checked on that same page.
  • MailCatch
    Create temporary disposable email addresses on the spot. Any word (either a custom name or a random character combination created by the system) followed by the mailcatch domain name will work as a valid email inbox. You can check your inbox online and even subscribe to its RSS feed.
  • Mailinator
    This temporary email system is a bit different. Disposable accounts are created the moment you send an email to them. You can then check your inbox online on the Mailinator website. Bear in mind though that all messages sent to Mailinator are public.
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