Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions out now for PC on Steam

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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is now available on Steam, as well as major consoles. It’s the latest in the series of the psychedelic twin-stick shooter, which started life as a mini-game in the Xbox racer Project Gotham Racing 2, in 2003.

The sequel, Retro: Evolved came out in 2008, and now with Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, the game finally comes to PCs and other platforms, as well as introducing three dimensions to the frantic gameplay.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions out now for PC on Steam

We’ll publish our review shortly. For now, the reviews that are coming in are very positive, with a handful of perfect 10/10 scores, and nothing below 8/10 so far. Some reviewers feel the new modes, with their three-dimensional levels, are not quite up to the standards of the original’s more simple arenas. But Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions also includes the original modes too, with all the online leaderboards you could want, making it a great game for competitive play.

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If you haven’t played Geometry Wars before, it’s a neon-lit arcade shooter that nods to retro gaming, while being totally modern at the same time. It’s fast paced, addictive, and is the closest you’ll ever get to having a firework display on your monitor. Watch the trailer above.

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