Get 1 TB of free online storage space with Oosah

Elena Santos


Oosah, 1 TB of free online storage spaceIf you browse this blog’s archives you’ll notice we’re usually quite interested in free storage solutions. We’ve dealt with online apps, desktop clients and we’ve even analyzed one of them in depth. But we hadn’t honestly seen anything like Oosah before. is a new online storage service that offers 1 TB of free space. Yes, you didn’t misread it: one terabyte for you to upload, store and share files online. But Oosah is not just a file storage; you can connect it with some of the most popular social sites available nowadays (namely Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and Youtube) and seamlessly transfer content between them and your Oosah account. The service has also developed a special version for the iPhone and iPod Touch, which means you can access your Oosah account anywhere with your mobile device.

The Oosah website is developed in Flash and features a clear, slick design that makes it really easy to use. Besides the file manager, there are other tools which enable you to create a photo slideshow and syndicate your contents, and which are also very intuitive.

Oosah, 1 TB of free online storage space

Oosah is specifically designed for multimedia files, meaning you can only upload image, video and audio files. There are also some limitations as regards file size (200 MB for videos, 50 MB for images and 9 MB for MP3) but all in all it’s still an excellent way to manage your media collection.

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