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Get any music onto your iPhone WITHOUT iTunes 100% free

Get any music onto your iPhone WITHOUT iTunes 100% free
Jeremy Milliner

Jeremy Milliner

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iTunes is certainly the go-to method for adding music to your iOS device, but for the users who are looking for an alternative, CopyTrans is the easiest solution.

CopyTrans Manager DOWNLOAD FREE

Completely free, CopyTrans can be quickly and safely installed, and immediately allows the transfer of any .mp3 file from your PC or Mac directly to your iPhone music app. Magic? More or less.

Clicking the button above will eventually take you to the software’s download page. Once here, don’t click the first green button you see. Scroll down a little to where it shows ‘CopyTrans Manager.’ This is the free option.


Once it’s downloaded, run the program and it should show the CopyTrans control list (above). CopyTrans Manager should be up top since that’s the one you’ve installed. Hover your mouse over it and click ‘start.’ This will open the transfer software you’ll be using.

CopyTrans will now ask you to connect you iOS device if you haven’t already. Go ahead and do so, and you should be ready to start adding tracks. If you receive an error message, here’s a simple and free workaround:

Go back to the CopyTrans website and scroll to the very bottom. There’s another free app called ‘CopyTrans Drivers Installer’ (pictured above). Run the automatic install and this should target and remove any dastardly fragments of iTunes on your iOS device that are preventing your PC from accessing your phone. Once this automatic driver editing process is complete, we can pick up where we left off.

Adding tracks is as simple as clicking the ‘Add’ button on the top of Manager window. From here, simply navigate to where your music is stored (we recommend putting any tracks you want to add in an one easy-to-find folder so you can just navigate to it and select all your files at once) and click ‘Add.’ You should see the track(s) show up in the main window.

Once you have all the tracks you want to add in that window, click ‘Update’ in the top left corner. Let CopyTrans work its magic and bam! Next time you open your iPhone music app all the new tracks should be right there.

Enjoy your new free music!

Jeremy Milliner

Jeremy Milliner

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