Get creative with your favourite movies

James Thornton


Make your own movie-themed T-shirtsEver wished you could capture movies and turn them into still images? Well, don’t worry because now you can thanks to Avidemux, a freeware program designed for cutting, filtering and encoding video. It supports all the major movie formats, including AVI, DVD-compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF.

Using the software you can take scenes from a film and export clips as JPEG files. You might wonder what the benefit of doing this is, but I’ve devised a series of creative ways to use the program that are perfect for passing time on rainy winter nights:

  • Design your own T-shirts – Why not print out some stills of your favourite movie scenes and immortalise them on a T-shirt or sweatshirt?
  • Personalised Top Trumps – Impress your family this Christmas by making a customised set of Top Trump cards using shots of famous movie characters.
  • Build a home-made film projector – Chop up a series of consecutive frames from a film then paste them around the inside of a spinning drum to create your own zoetrope for playing films.
  • Create a film website – Cut images using Avidemux then use them online to dissect a film and comment on the different scenes.
  • Make a cool movie poster – Decorate your bedroom with a cool poster taken from a film. If you really want to make your mates jealous then why not rasterbate it?

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