Get five Gameloft games at bargain prices

Here’s some good news to start your weekend. To celebrate the arrival of Spring, Gameloft has slashed the price of five of its top iPhone games to just a dollar each until Sunday 21 March. The discounted games include the excellent Dungeon Hunter, an RPG classic that offers hours of dungeon-exploring hack and slash action. The 3D graphics in this one are some of the best we’ve seen from an iPhone game so far this year.

Real Soccer 2010 is also included in the promotion. The game beats the pants off of EA’s FIFA 2010, and makes for a great way to warm up for the World Cup. It features real teams, players and stadiums, as well as in-game commentary. You can also hook up and play against your buddies over WiFi.

Completing the line-up of Gameloft’s Spring Fever sale are Earthworm Jim, Skater Nation and Blades of Fury. Hurry though, because the deal will end on Sunday 21st March (officially the first day of Spring) and the prices will go back up after that. It’d be a shame to miss out on such cheap rates for these five classics.

Merci beaucoup to our colleagues on OnSoftware France for the tip-off about this great promotion. Here are a couple of trailers to show you what a dollar can get you this weekend.




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