Get hold of codecs with afreeCodecVT

Get hold of codecs with afreeCodecVT

1132370366.pngAnybody who’s watched AVI movies has had to use a codec, yet few people really understand what they are or how they work. To make things clear, codecs encode (and decode) your media file so that your media player can read it. AfreeCodecVT will avoid all the hassle by helping you choose the right codec according to the media file you have and will provide all sorts of information on all the codecs that exist out there.

A simple one-stop interface makes afreeCodecVT a reliable and easy to use gateway for the codec hungry crowd. AfreeCodecVT is first and foremost a huge database with every imaginable resource on codecs and the ways they’re used. The codec wizard will answer your doubts and the codec search will link you to the regularly updated codec library from the afreeCodecVT website. There’s a good chance the one you need is among the ones most downloaded by other users.

The best way to use afreeCodecVT, however, is by loading a video and previewing it in the embedded VT Media Player. AfreeCodecVT generates detailed information on your video file and suggests the proper audio and video codecs you might need to make it work. Click on the link provided by the program to download and install the codec on your PC.

One thing to keep clear though is that AfreeCodecVT itself is not a codec pack, it is simply an assistant. Nor does it guide you through the codec installation process. You should also be aware that the preview function is limited to AVI files.

If you normally have K-Lite Codec Pack Full, Combined Community Codec Pack or Cole2K Media you shouldn’t have to worry about missing codecs. Yet if you run into troubles, AfreeCodecVT will prove to be the answer to your prayers. Simple to use and benefiting from an extensive codec database, AfreeCodecVT is the surest solution to any codec problem.

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