Get into mobile social networking

Give mobile social networking a WhrrlIn this, the social networking age, it seems that many of us are unable to go outside. We’re far too busy accepting friend requests, sharing photos, exchanging music or watching each others’ videos to be able to  go and do anything in ‘real life’. Actually, this isn’t true, because there are now a number of applications that let you take part in social networks on your mobile, so you need never be away from your online pals. Here are some of the more popular ones out there.

  • Whrrl – This location-based social tool will help you decide what to do tonight by tapping into the knowledge of people from your area, or the area your visiting. Organising everything you and your friends know about a place, Whrrl displays information on the hottest spots to visit on its maps.
  • Kyte – Kyte’s Mobile Producer software , now available for the iPhone, allows you to instantly broadcast pictures as you take them, or create and share slideshows from your picture gallery. You can even use the Kyte service to chat with your audience in real time.
  • ZYB – As I mentioned in my recent post on mobile data backup, ZYB has a social networking element that lets you keep your contacts updated with what you’re doing. You can add photos and data from your phone and instantly share them with your buddies, automatically notifying them via SMS as soon as you add something.
  • Mobile – One of the grand-daddys of the social networking world, has now gone mobile with this client for Windows Mobile devices. The app replicates some of the functionality of the online radio app, such as ‘scrobbling’, allowing you to tune into the kind of music you enjoy wherever you go.
  • iMobicue – This Symbian mobile application allows you to open up your phone to the rest of the World. You can use it to share text, videos and photos via your cellphone, as well as chatting through MSN and Yahoo! using text or voice messaging. Perfect for staying in touch wherever you are!
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