Get into the sharing spirit

Get into the sharing spirit

Sharing logoFile sharing is one of the best – and most controversial – aspects of the internet. Before the internet, sharing anything was limited by physical boundaries but the internet has destroyed those boundaries and now you can share music, films and documents instantly with someone on the other side of the world. The spirit of sharing is one of the most refreshing and democratic aspects of the internet and owning a PC so if you’re new to it all, here a few applications you should try and they’re all free.

Of course, one of the most popular and well known file sharing apps is eMule. eMule allows you to share anything from films to music and e-books by connecting you to millions of other users around the world. Nowadays, it often suffers from overloaded servers and fake files but it’s still one of the most impressive and easy to use applications out there. As the name suggest, Shareaza is also similar in nature to eMule although with fewer users, you are less likely to find what you are looking for.

On a smaller scale, if you want to share the contents of your PC with other people in your home or team, then you can easily set it up as a server. One of the best programs to do this for users on all platforms is PC-Mac-Net Fileshare which can turn your PC into a media centre and file server for other users to enjoy. Meanwhile, if your parents have been given a laptop for Christmas and they’re relying on you to help them get to grips with it, CrossLoop is an excellent screen sharing program which allows you to take full control of their PC from the comfort of your own PC.

Finally, of you’re looking for a way of sharing all those Christmas and New Year photos, you can’t do much better than Google’s Picasa which organises your photos in a jiffy and integrates seamlessly with the internet for sharing your images.

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