Get more from SMS messaging

Improve your text lifeAs much as I get annoyed by the fact that youths these days only seem to communicate by clicking their mobile phones, I guess SMS messaging has brought some benefits to the world. People’s thumbs are now a lot stronger than a few years ago, we have a brand new language, text speak (or should that be ‘txt spk’), and, more importantly, the ability to quickly inform people of things without the hassle of actually having a conversation.

If you’re a text fanatic then you may be interested to know that there are a few applications that can improve your SMSing productivity, giving you extra time to send even more messages, and making the whole experience even more enjoyable. Here are some of my favourites:

  • MumSMS – Shhhh! Hide your sent and received texts from prying eyes
  • Animated SMS – Liven up your text messages with fun animations
  • Message Tone – Set different alerts for each person who texts you
  • SMS Diary – Publish a personal diary based on your text messages
  • SMS Spam Manager – Block all those annoying junk messages
  • SMS Chat – View your texts in a more interesting way
  • SMS Face – Display an image of the sender of every text message
  • NaSMS – Adapt your texts for use in other languages or characters
  • BaselsReply (Pocket PC) – Send automated SMS responses to missed calls
  • SMS Machine (Palm) – Control all incoming SMS and calls more effectively
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