Get more from the World Cup with OnSoftware

Get more from the World Cup with OnSoftware

After four years of waiting, the World Cup is finally underway in South Africa. Predictably, after such a long it now feels like there is just too much football to keep up with! If you find that you’re already losing track of the tournament, or if you simply want to have a bit of fun in between matches then it’s worth revisiting some of the excellent World Cup articles we’ve posted over the last few weeks.

Having problems finding somewhere to watch all the matches? Then find out how to watch all of the games for free on your computer, with our guide to streaming World Cup matches onto your computer.

Of course, not all of us have the time to sit at home with our feet up watching football matches. If you’re missing the action because of work or other commitments then be sure to read our posts about the best World Cup apps for iPhone, and for Android phones.

There’s plenty of footy fun to be had in between the matches, too. Facebook addicts should check out our pick of the various games, schedules, fantasy leagues, and the like that are available as Facebook applications. We also told you of how another internet giant, Google, has also entered into the spirit of the World Cup by offering users a way to tour the stadiums in South Africa using Google Maps and Google Earth.

If you’re not satisfied with the way your team is playing then go play FIFA Online for free. The new version of this classic football sim lets you take control of any country in the World Cup and try to go for glory. I’m off to replay England v USA, with a different goalkeeper…


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