Get notified when a webpage is updated

Page Update Watcher screenshotWith RSS feeds and news tickers being all the rage nowadays, it might not seem necessary to install an app that can tell you when a page has been updated. However, there are still many websites out there that lack either an RSS feed or news ticker function and so the only way to keep updated is to regularly check the page. That is unless you have Page Update Watcher installed which automatically detects when a change has been made.

The program works by trawling pages that you’ve specified and alerts you with a simple pop-up bubble in your taskbar when something has been revised. You don’t even need to visit the page – you can just enter a URL or even import your Bookmarks or Favourites from Firefox or Internet Explorer. Afterwards, you can select which pages you want to check for updates as well the frequency at which Page Update Watcher verifies pages.

Be warned however that if you enter too many URL’s, you’ll be bothered by a permanent bubble popping up every time the slightest thing changes on a page. This is best used sparingly on those sites where there’s simply no other easy way of keeping track.

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