Get ready for a new kind of browser

Get ready for a new kind of browser

1stBrowser is a new browser from SIEN. Built on the Chromium open source code, it has a familiar and intuitive interface. But, more importantly, it builds in everything you could want from your default web-tool – personalization, security, and flexible, one-click downloads.

In the interest of disclosure, please be aware that this article is sponsored by SIEN for 1stBrowser.


SIEN is still working hard to deliver everything you could possibly want in 1stBrowser. But their ambition is already paying off, with a great many fantastic features already in place, and more promised by the end of 2015.

If you have used Chrome, you can use the same login and instantly sync your settings. From here you are ready to make your browser look exactly how you want it to.

Select a theme

The Personalization Button is in the top-right corner of the screen, next to the browsers settings menu. A quick click of this delivers you to all of 1stBrowser’s theme and personalization options. Here you can alter the color of your title bar, the theme, and wallpaper of empty pages. They have a good selection of default options ready for you, which offer a total overhaul to the bland grey interface of Chrome.

Themes range from puppies to cars, with almost everything in-between. You can also change 1stBrowsers default icon to something that stands out on your desktop and taskbar.

Pick an icon

But SIEN is not finished yet. Soon they will be offering the ability to add wallpapers with parallax scrolling to give the illusion of motion to your pages. Combine this with support for user generated content, and you should see the range of customization options really takeoff.

1stBrowser also makes your browsing experience seamlessly tailored to your needs. Standard navigation options – such as bookmarks and favorites – are soon to be joined by geolocation and time filters, so your favorite pages will be organized depending on whether you are at work, home, or on the move.

Media downloader and gallery

If you want more than just a pretty face, 1stBrowser also comes with lots of built in tools that practically improve your browsing experience. And none is more valuable than its Media Downloader.

Download any image

Again indicated by a convenient button in the top-right corner of the screen, the Media Downloader is your one-stop-shop to download and save everything you enjoy online. Simply rolling over a video or an image causes a button to appear, giving you the option to download it.

It is wonderfully simple, and only helped by the downloader’s further options. Clicking on a video lets you choose between downloading the video or just the audio. Image downloads are similarly versatile, allowing you to apply filters to the picture before it ever reaches your hard drive.

Download video

Your downloaded media is then all saved and filed away in 1stBrowser’s attractive Media Manager, so you can always find it quickly.

Still not enough? Well, SIEN agrees it seems, and they have plans to further extend these features by the end of the year. Future updates are set to include playlists, the ability to sync your downloads with other devices, and a download booster so you can download files more efficiently.

Media Manager

Feel secure

But for many people, what they really want while online is privacy and security. And, here again, SIEN it trying to provide everything you need to stay safe.

The prevalence of Malware and Adware is enough scare anyone, and it can be hard to ignore the feeling that you have been compromised by some unnoticed malicious file.

1stBrowser is to implement protection from both of these threats. This means any files you download or links you click will be checked, and the appropriate measures taken to prevent them infecting or damaging your device.The addition of an Adblocker further adds to this protection, hiding advertising and preventing you from unwittingly clicking on links.

Safe browsing, now with kittens

While some of these features are yet to implemented in 1stBrowser, they should all be ready to keep you safe and protected from any cyber-threats by the end of the year.

It may not be the first browser you download, but – with all of its built-in features that SIEN is dedicated to improving and expanding – it could be the last.

Download 1stBrowser

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