Get ready for the NFL season with some apps

TouchdownOne week to go till the start of the NFL season, with the New Orleans Saints playing the Colts in Indianapolis on September 6. Now I’ve got great memories of seeing the Chiefs play in -20 Celsius temperatures nearly twenty years ago and always get a bit excited when the season gets under way. This year it sounds like the Colts and Steelers will be strong again in the AFC and my bet in the NFC is on the Seahawks and the Bears, but you can never really tell until the season’s in full swing.

We’ve found some pretty good apps to get into the good’ol football mood. If you’re on Mac, you can set up the Football Widget on your Dashboard to get the program of all the games, see the results and follow your favorite team. For PC users the mySI application, while slightly cumbersome, will provide you a daily fix of football news, stats, photos and player search straight from Sports Illustrated. Want to feel like coaching legends Don Shula or Vince Lombardi? Take the hot seat and manage a football team in NFL Head Coach, organizing every aspects like tactics, player salaries and training.

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