Get Spider Player Pro free

Get Spider Player Pro free

Spider Player has been a worthy rival to Winamp for many years now and if you haven’t tried it, you’ve got no more excuses. Recently the developer has opted to make the Pro version available absolutely free.

The Basic version has been discontinued and replaced by a free fully functional version of the Pro version. Formerly, Spider Player Basic had some limitations such as a lack of support, radio recordings were limited to 5 minutes, you could only rip a CD track and convert one file at a time and you couldn’t use custom encoders. However, all these limitations have been removed in this latest version.

The look is a key part of Spider Player as the developers have included a “tuning” bar in the skin which allows you to change the tone of it according to the mood you are in. As with Winamp, you can also divide-up the player as you like. For example, when you open it, the main playback window, equalizer and playlist are all joined together. But you can split these up as you like and place them in various parts of your desktop for easy access.

To control playback in Spider Player, you can simply drag and drop the status bar and it responds very quickly. There’s also a pitchshifter, echo and reverb bar to play with. Finally, once minimized, Spider Player also sits neatly in your system tray so it’s well integrated into your OS.

Download Spider Player Pro here.

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