Get syncing until MobileMe is up to speed

MobileMeApple’s big event last week was marred by delays, glitches and errors. Many sources claim the Cupertino firm was simply too ambitious. You can’t expect to try and launch four products at the same time and get everything running smoothly. If it wasn’t Apple stores delaying their opening time, or activation of new iPhone 3Gs taking longer than expected, it was Apple’s servers having a hard time dealing with both new customers and older iPhone users downloading the iPhone 2.0 software update.

The launch of Apple’s updated and revamped .Mac service, which is now called MobileMe, and should offer seamless synchronization between all your services, was also particularly disappointing. A high level of demand on Apple servers caused the service to run very slowly and many users complained that it took an excessively long time to load the Address Book. Some customers simply could not log on to it or found the MobileMe site to be unavailable. Apple has kept surprisingly silent over the range of troubles the launch had to suffer, but it seems all services are now slowly getting back to normal. Unfortunately, for many customers, it will be hard to forget such a disappointing event.

While you wait for Apple to fix all the issues with MobileMe, why not try using a synchronizing tool that will keep your iCal and Google calendars always up to date? Here are a few good alternatives that will get the job done for you.

  •  Spanning Sync – Merges your Google and iCal calendars quickly and easily.
  • BusySync – Share and edit iCal calendars with anyone online.
  • Scalp – Share your iCal calendars with others via FTP.
  • gsync – Syncs your iCal and Google calendars seamlessly.
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