Get the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard now!

Get the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard now!

Want a touch of Ice Cream Sandwich before the new Android OS is released?  You can now install the Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard on your Android device via a free download.

The unofficial version of the Android 4.0 keyboard, posted by AstronautMillionaire on Reddit, replicates the look and function of the new Android keyboard. The keyboard doesn’t look radically different from the current Android 2.3 keyboard, but it’s smart and it has some significant multi-touch, auto-correct, and prediction improvements.

To install the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard, simply download the APK and install it. Then activate the keyboard by going into ‘Language & keyboard’ settings in the Android Settings menu. The app’s options menu lets you tweak various options as well, such as auto-capitalization, vibrate on keypress, popup on keypress, and more.

To turn on the Android 4.0 keyboard, long-press in a text field and select ‘Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard’ in the ‘Input Method’ pop-up.

The new Android 4 keyboard

If you’re still not impressed with the Android keyboard, you can always install a third-party keyboard application for Android that make typing faster and easier. My personal favorites are SwiftKey X, Swype and SlideIT.

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