Get tyrannical with torrents

BitTyrantThere are so many torrent clients out there claiming to give you better speeds that you have to take all the hype with a pinch of salt. However, when one comes along that claims to be 70% quicker than the rest, you have to take note. That’s what the developers of BitTyrant say, promising a more equal distribution between your upload speed and your download speed.

BitTyrant is actually based on Azeureus 2.5 but differs in the way it handles traffic. The key lies in the way it selects peers to ‘unchoke’. BitTyrant ranks all peers by their received/sent ratios, preferentially unchoking those peers with high ratios. The client is called BitTyrant because in this way, it ‘tyranically’ uses all available bandwidth and transfer capacity to complete torrents.

In a nutshell, BitTyrant genuinely rewards you the more you upload whereas other clients that claim to do so, don’t often deliver.

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