Get WiFi anywhere with Whisher

Get WiFi anywhere with Whisher

WhisherWouldn’t it be great if you could travel anywhere in the world, safe in the knowledge that you’d have a wireless internet connection wherever you are? It may sound like a madman’s dream but that hasn’t stopped the guys at Whisher Technologies going for it. Like Karl Marx and Frederich Engels who more than 100 years ago encouraged workers of the world to unite, the Whisher team are asking WiFi owners of the word to unite in their attempt to create the worlds biggest WiFi network and free the internet.

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Imagine, no more paying extortionate prices for public WiFi internet access. No more wandering the streets like a hobo searching for a stray wireless connection from someones home. No more worrying whether the place you’re going to will have internet access at all. You can simply log onto Whisher’s Google Maps powered network to see instantly if the location you’re going to has any WiFi sharing comrades in it’s vicinity.

When you install the Whisher client, it takes over your system’s wireless client so if you’ve been using Windows Wireless Network Administrator to do this, Whisher will replace it. This is a little annoying as if you have any WiFi problems, it’s harder to diagnose but generally, it does a pretty good job. Wisher does store your WiFi encryption key although the developers ensure that this is encrypted on their database so it can’t be used by anyone else. Once you’re logged in, Whisher downloads a database of Whisher hotspots onto your desktop so you can see where they are when you’re offline and searching for a WiFi connection.

Whisher Airport list

You can choose to make your network either public or private but of course, it makes sense to make it public otherwise it defeats the object of Whisher in the first place! When you find a network near to you, you can simply double click on it to connect. You don’t need to know the encryption key because it’s already stored inside the Whisher database. Hotspots are divided into “Shared” (Home users that have shared their connection and are free) and Commercial” (areas such as airports and business establishments that have joined Whisher but require payment to be accessed).

Connections are not always perfect and you may experience random disconnection issues. Also, the speed of your connection depends on the type of connection contracted by the provider (in the case of those connections shared by home users). However, the range and spread of Whisher connection hotspots is truly impressive and we hope soon to get a few words from the developers on how they see the project developing in the future. Until then, you can follow the latest developments on the Whisher blog.

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