Get your cricket World Cup started here

Get your cricket World Cup started here

cricket3.jpgTo some it remains nothing but a weird type of baseball where genteel men hit and chase a red lump of cork whilst dashing up and down a perfectly manicured lawn. To others, it’s the most exciting sport on the planet. Yes, it’s cricket and the World Cup is taking place for the next few weeks in the Bahamas. We’re sorry to say, we can’t send you there but we can give you the next best thing – cricket downloads galore to get you in the World Cup mood. So get installing, crack open a beer, put some Bob Marley on and pretend you are watching England get yet another hiding from one of its former colonies.

First up is ABC Score Widget which allows you to keep track of the latest match scores on your desktop. The sleek looking widget includes statistics for batsmen and bowlers and shows you the game and inning being played. It features two tabs – one for the latest score and one for the scorecard and also displays a small picture of the players.

If watching is not enough, why not get involved with Brian Lara’s International Cricket? This demo of the game is fully licensed so it includes all the real player names. It features a special World Cup 2007 mode too so that if you don’t like what you’re seeing on the TV, you can recreate your own version of events. There’s a comprehensive stats centre, great camera angles and some fantastic graphics to boot.

Finally, if you’re really serious about the sport, then you can also analyse the performance of players with Cricket Scorer. You can track everything from bowling averages to runs per over and even print a traditional scorecard at the end of it all. It also contains a little bit of information on the world’s top umpires and you don’t have to worry about losing all your hard work because there’s a backup and restore function.


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