Get ZoneAlarm Pro 2009 for free

Get ZoneAlarm Pro 2009 for free

ZoneAlarmZoneAlarm is one of the world’s longest standing security and firewall solutions but a one year license for the pro version usually costs a hefty $40. Tomorrow however, developers Check Point will be giving away ZoneAlarm Pro 2009 absolutely free for one day only to celebrate their 15 year anniversary.

At the moment, the ZoneAlarm website displays a banner advertising the fact that there will be a new promotion in November without specifying exactly when it will be but sites such as IntelliAdmin are reporting it will be tomorrow. It also promises 50% discounts in Check Point’s online shop.

ZoneAlarm Pro certainly offers one of the most comprehensive security solutions available including firewall, anti-spyware, id theft protection, root and boot protection, wireless network protection and special security features for online gamers. Personally, I’ve always found it a rather intrusive and bloated security package that ends up blocking just about everything including traffic that you want to receive but it is at least effective.

If you find that the Check Point site is down tomorrow, then keep trying throughout the day as it will probably be overloaded by users taking advantage of the offer.

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