Give Windows Mobile a makeover

Winterface has long been one of the best ways to pimp your Windows Mobile, ridding it of that weedy frame it sits upon. Good news for fans of this app – there’s a new version out that adds even more customization possibilities. Winterface 2.0 includes a number of neat enhancements that bring the style and usability of other mobile operating systems to Windows Mobile. For instance, you can now swipe through menu pages like you can with Android, and there are clickable, iPhone-style dots beneath each page. There’s even an iPhone-esque feature whereby if you tap and hold the screens the icons wobble around and you can move, rename, enable or disable them.

Perhaps the juiciest editions though are the new skins, and there are some truly gorgeous new faces as you can see from the screenshots below. There is now also the option to download new skins from Winterface. The great thing about Winterface is that it also lets you tweak backgrounds within these skins and customize the headings for yourself. This app has got to be the best way to make Windows Mobile look and feel like a modern mobile operating system. And heaven knows it needs it.

Selection of cool skins for Windows Mobile

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