Glass: an innovative way to share links and messages

Last weekend I attended one of the most popular blogging events in Spain, and among other activities (namely taking part in workshops, doings lots of networking and eating tapas) I learnt about a new online service called Glass. Glass is, according to their developers, “a browser add-on that lets you share experiences and not just content“. And in my own words, it’s a mixture between a block of virtual sticky notes and a web-based chat app that lets you exchange messages with your friends about a specific website.


Like many tools, Glass is easier to understand when you see it in action. After signing up for the service (you’ll need someone else to send you a code or invite you) you’re presented with a nicely designed interface, where you can manage your slides – that is, the messages you leave on each website. There are also special tools to bookmark slides and create custom lists with them.


In order to use Glass, first you need to install its browser add-on (for Firefox or Chrome), which you can download from the same website. The Glass plug-in adds a new button in the browser’s toolbar that lets you create slides on any website you come across, and share it with any of you friends on the Glass community.


Shared slides appear on transparent windows, floating on top of the website you’re currently visiting. The good thing is that you can then start exchanging messages with your friends in real time, as you’re browsing the page.


Glass is undoubtedly an original service, with an eye-catching design. You can use it to share interesting links with your friends, leave comments for them on certain websites or even send notes to yourself as reminders. Whether you’ll find it useful or not, that’s another question.

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