Gmail for iOS updated with better Google integration

Gmail for iOS updated with better Google integration

The Gmail app for iOS has been updated with improved attachments and deeper integration with other Google apps.

Attachments in Gmail now appear as large thumbnails, and open up into full-screen when you tap them. The bigger change is the Google app integration. If you have Google Drive and Google+ installed, links to them will now open in the apps instead of through your browser, which is a much neater solution. This can be turned on and off in settings.

The fairly recent trend for better integration between apps is good news for users, but only integrating the Google eco-system means there are plenty of links that still open a browser when you really want an app. Only the native iOS Mail app will open directly into the Facebook or Twitter apps, for example, although it won’t directly open Google apps.

This lack of cooperation between Apple and Google may be due to competition between the two companies, but it’s annoying for users.

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