Gmail Mobile now supports Apps accounts

Mail by Google appThis is great news for anyone who, like me, has a Gmail hosted account. Until now, we’ve been unable to connect to our own domain email with anything other than a BlackBerry – indeed, I was even toying with the idea of replacing my Nokia N-Series with a Pearl, so much did I want decent email access on the go.

In short, Google have updated their ‘Mail by Google’ app so that it works on pretty much any Java-powered mobile phone (and that’s nearly all of them). The new program, which sports a snazzy new blue icon, connects to your mailbox securely via IMAP and quickly displays your inbox in a familiar Gmail style. It also allows you various view options, as well as the key functions like composing, replying to and starring messages. Any messages you send, read and receive will be stored on your phone as well as in your normal Gmail inbox. BlackBerry just lost one prospective punter!

To get the app, visit in your phone’s browser and follow the prompts. This app works for Gmail, Google Mail and Google Apps accounts.

[Via: Google Operating System]

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