Gmail will soon look a lot different

Gmail will soon be the subject of a huge new redesign. When the redesign hits it won’t just make Google’s email service look different, it’ll also bring with it some new features that were previously only available through third-party extensions.

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The guys over at Android Authority received some exclusive screenshots of the new look Gmail, and we thought we’d share them with you too.

New interface homepage

Smart reply option

New Google Keep plugin

New Calendar Plugin

New task icons for Gmail

New task plugins

My Task plugin in greater detail

As you can see, the Gmail updates are focused on making it a much more productivity-centered tool. As Android Authority says, these new plugins will be especially useful for Chromebook users (Google’s low-performance laptop) as they allow you to perform many tasks on a single page or tab.

On top of all these developments, Gmail will have three different views, which are:

Default View: will show you what type of attachment the email has; including images, presentations, documents, or spreadsheets, as each file type has its own icon.

Comfortable View: deletes the attachment icons and simply shows a paperclip that indicates that the email has an attachment.

Compact View: is similar to Comfortable View, but with less space between emails. Perfect for smaller screens.

It is still unknown when this new version of Gmail will be released, but we can expect to see a beta version released soon. Google will use the beta version to test it on select users before making any changes based on their findings.

If there is no news of the release date for the new Gmail in the next couple of weeks, it is likely we’ll hear about it at the Google I/O conference scheduled for May 8th – 11th.

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