Go dancing on your PC

James Thornton


Travolta: A woman's manI think it was Ricky Martin who once said: “Dance as if no one is watching and sing as if no one is listening.” Eventually, of course, living by this mantra proved to be Ricky’s downfall, but it’s certainly true that dancing is a good way to express yourself and release some tension. If you fancy learning to dance properly but can’t afford salsa classes and don’t want everyone chuckling at your lame moonwalk in the local disco, then try downloading a computer program to help you.

Dancemat-style games have become increasingly popular on consoles and in arcades across the globe, and if you’re lucky enough to own a dancemat then you simply must check out Stepmania for the PC. The game features slick, 3D graphics and you can customise your own moves. Even if you haven’t got a dancemat, you can still bop along to the beat using your keyboard. If you want to learn to dance in a more traditional, controlled way then install Dance! The app teaches you more than 180 different dance moves through a series of tutorials, over 40 of which are available with video and pictures, to help you learn more easily.

Once you’ve instilled rhythm into your heart you may want to test your dancing skills against others. Dance! Online and Audition Online are two very similar games where you need to pull off rad dance moves in order to upstage other ravers over the Internet. They both allow you to customise your dancer by selecting from a range of outfits and accessories and include chat options so you can make friends/heckle people.

If you’re still struggling to get your groove on after all this then why not sit back and learn something from arguably history’s greatest dancer? The Scooby-Doo Dancer places the partying pooch at the foot of your desktop, where he’ll throw down his mesmeric moves, including the legendary Scooby Shuffle.

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